Skin Treatment

Deep Cleansing Hydra Lifting Facial

​Our deep cleansing hydra lifting facial resurfacing procedure thoroughly cares for your skin, providing cleansing, exfoliation extractions, hydration plus lifting and firming at the same time. Also, excellent for skin with acne problem.

1) ozone steaming

2) black head vacuuming

3) V face lifting

4) detoxification

5) oxygenating

6) RF anti-aging

7) hydra or anti-aging mask

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Carbon Facial

Our most effective treatment to remove and improve any skin pigmentation, spots, minimizing pores, dullness and uneven skin tone.  By stimulating collagen synthesis, skin texture can also be improved.  Significant in clarity and radiance.

Helps with:

  • lighten spots

  • reduce wrinkles

  • acne scars

  • hands

  • melasma

  • sun damage

  • radiance

  • brightening

  • dullness

  • minimize pores

  • skin texture & tone

Carbon Facial treatment is to minimize or completely remove unwanted pigmentation. Expectations and outcomes will be carefully reviewed once the spot is properly diagnosed.

Depending on the type of pigmentation being treated, your desired outcome may be achieved in as little as a single treatment. Certain types of pigmentation will require subsequent or ongoing treatments to achieve and maintain the desired outcome.

Hifu Ultrasound Face Lifting Treatment

Our ultrasound face lifting treatment provides the best lifting and tightening results without any surgical incisions.  Targeting the SMAS layer. Reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.  By doing the treatment, HIFU stimulates your skin to produce new collagen right at the source.  This has the effect of tightening your skin. Full face firming. Eye lifting - improving eye bags. Jaw line lifting. Improve double chin, enhance collagen, improve the skin texture and skin elasticity.  Minimizing pores and neck wrinkles.  It can also target the "V" line formation and Jowell Lines.

HIFU is non-invasive. It is sometimes called the "Lunchtime Face Lift: because it's quick, tolerable and has no down-time. You can go back to work right after.

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Number of treatments recommended and individual outcomes may vary based on patient needs, medical history, and circumstances.